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Link Big - First "Shoppable Instagram" Startup - B2B SaaS

  • SITUATION: Instagram won't let retailers hyperlink their IG posts

  • TASK: Make seamless shopping experience for IG followers

  • ACTIONS: Interviewed 50 Etsy sellers + Synced between IG API and an online store web crawler.

  • RESULTS: 8X more CTR (8%) than Instagram ads (1% CTR)

Waze for Carpool

  • SITUATION: While Carpooling Market Size will reach $11.4B by 2025, Carpooling apps still don't align to the travel apps growth like Moovit or SkyScanner.

  • TASK: Research why and design a CX align to the findings.

  • ACTION: online survey of 19 people from all around the world and tested mockups on 10 live users.

  • RESULT: Got a top grade on my UX design nanodegree final project.

Avora dashboard

  • SITUATION: Creating a dashboard to Avora's clients.

  • TASK: Research on their Data sources and AI needs.

  • ACTION:Pitched 2 Product strategies to Avora dashboard.

  • RESULT The Ceo loves one while the CTO loved the 2nd one.

Loyalty Lion's site comparison

  • SITUATION:Loyalty Lion wanted a site check" compering their own to smile, the competitor.

  • TASK: Research both sites and compare KPI and suggest site optimisation.

  • ACTION: Used Similarweb and Google Trends to see stats and suggest content and web strategy.

  • RESULT The hiring manager loved it!

iPark - a parking app

  • SITUATION: Driving find it hard to find a parking space in Tel Aviv and other urban cities around Israel.

  • TASK: Make an app that will assist those drivers parking their cars.

  • ACTION: Using the device cam and pythagoras law, we dev it

  • RESULT The client loved the idea and we dev this app that still works today!

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